For First Timers


All case studies used in our programme are of APC Standard.

Classes 1-5 (Videos 1-5):

Detailed guidance through a case study.
Assessment 1: New case study with some guidance

Class 6 (Video 6):

Guidance for supplementary assessment.
Supplementary assessment: New APC standard case study with guidance

Classes 7-8 (Videos 7-8):

Guidance through a new case study and preparation for Assessment 2.

Assessment 2: Final assessment

Supplementary Assessment 2: Opportunity for candidates who were not successful in Assessment 2 to re-write.

Supplementary Intervention Class

We discuss the outcomes of Assessment 2, analyse the reasons for underperformance in our Final Assessment and provide guidance concerning the way forward to success in the Final APC.

Classes 9-10 (Videos 9-10):

Final preparation for the APC – this is the equivalent of a ‘Board Course’

Programme Requirements

  • Completed 20 month’s traineeship by 20 November 2019 (i.e. second year traineeship).
  • Must have passed the ITC


Cost (ex VAT)

Individual: R12 500
Block bookings: R10 000*
Payment Details