For Candidates writing the June 2019 ITC


Successful completion of the APT Programme in 2019 entitles candidates in this position to write the SAICA APC in the year that they passed the Programme and in the two subsequent years in the event that they fail or do not write the APC.

If you complete and Pass our Programme in 2019, you are entitled to write the APC in 2019, 2020 and/or 2021, once you have passed the ITC.

June ITC candidates who will have 20 month’s traineeship by 20 November 2019 can still write the APC in 2019.

The process is:
  • Focus 100% on the ITC until June and make sure that you Pass the ITC.
  • Register for the APT Programme but join our Catchup programme which starts on 29 June. By the end of June you will be free to concentrate on the APC.
  • Do not split your efforts between the ITC and the APC in the period between April and June. Take it step by step – First the ITC; Then APT, the Programme for your Future.
    • Candidates who elect to do the 2019 Catchup Programme need to demonstrate 100% commitment to the Programme and, therefore, MAY NOT WITHDRAW and are expected to complete the Programme in 2019.
    • Registration is open now and closes on 06 July. No late registrations will be accepted.
    • Failure in either the ITC or Catchup Programme will prevent you from writing the 2019 APC.
    • This stated, the Catchup Programme carries a 3 year validity.
    • In the event that you pass the Catchup Programme but fail the ITC, you would still qualify to write the 2020/2021 APC, subject to your successful rewrite of the ITC.
    • You would then be allowed to complete our 2020 Refresher Programme at a minimal cost.
Programme Requirements

If you will have completed 20 months' Traineeship by 20 November 2019, and you pass the ITC, you could still write the 2019 APC if you complete our Catchup Programme


From 29 June and covers all material, and processes for the APT APC Programme, but over a shorter concentrated period

Cost (ex VAT)

Payable on receipt of invoice

Individual: R12 500
Block bookings: R10 000*
Payment Details


  • Candidates complete Modules 1 to 3 from 29 June to 27 July
  • Internet downloads available on aptassist
  • Candidates write the Supplementary Assessment on 05 August
  • From 7 August you join the APT APC Programme for Modules 4 to 7
Blended Learning
  • Includes two full day workshops plus two contact sessions of two hours each in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg
  • Candidates in other areas do the Catchup Programme as an Online Programme.
  • Workshops cover the Contact Sessions for Classes 1 to 6 of the APC Programme
Online Learning

Video clips of all contact sessions will be available

APT wishes you all the best for the June 2019 ITC.
For your preparation for the ITC, APT supports the Gauteng Board Course NOVO Course.