For Candidates who failed the SAICA APC 2018


APT offers a Repeat Programme to candidates who were unsuccessful in the 2018 November APC. This tailored Programme is designed to assist you to identify your and correct your weaknesses and best prepare you for the 2019 SAICA APC.

Our Repeat Programme includes a review of your script and personal feedback at no extra charge.

Please note that the Repeat Programme is open only to Candidates in possession of a valid Professional Programme Completion Certificate dated 2017 or 2018. A candidate whose Professional Programme Completion Certificate is dated 2016 or earlier is required to complete the full programme as a “First Timer” as certificates dated 2016 or earlier will have expired by 2019.

Formal Assessments

We require you to write the two formal assessments together with the first time students and we will grade your submissions for these assessments.

Notwithstanding the fact that failing these assessments will not prevent you from writing the APC in November, we urge you to take these assessments seriously as the process of formally writing these assessments will significantly assist your development.

The provisional details for our Repeat Launches are set out below:

11 March
Monday: 17h00
12 March
Tuesday: 17h00
Cape Town:
13 March
Wednesday: 17h00
Programme Requirements

  • You are required to have a valid APC Programme Certificate to be eligible to do this Programme
  • Full completion and passing of the 2019 Programme will entitle you to a new 2019 APT Certificate



Payable on receipt of invoice

Individual: R5 900
Payment Details


Programme Structure

Repeat Launch in March specifically directed at candidates who failed the APC

A review of your SAICA 2018 script and grading guide and a personal consultation in April.

The 11 Contact Sessions which form part of the whole APT APC Programme.

Completion of the full Programme

Module 1 & 7 will be adapted for Repeat Candidates
Modules 2 to 6 use different case studies when compared to those used in 2018.