Accounting Professional Training

Who is APT

APT is the country’s leading presenter of Part II Programmes and has operated successfully in this market for 20 years, nationally and in Zimbabwe and Namibia.

APT has consistently met its goals in preparing candidates for entry into the accountancy profession. Our mission is to strive for excellence in the accountancy profession through providing professional programmes leading our candidates to qualify as Chartered Accountants.

The APT APC Programme meets SAICA’s Requirements at Level 1 (“Accredited without conditions”). APT has a full commitment to transformation in the accounting profession, business and the academic environment.

Why Choose the APT Programme?

  • Since 2014 when the APC was first introduced by SAICA, approximately 80% of all candidates have chosen the APT Programme and 31 honours roll candidates were APT candidates.
  • Pass rates in the APC have been excellent: 2014 - 85%, 2015 - 89%, 2016 - 91%, 2017 – 83% First Time pass rate.
  • It is also the programme of choice in Zimbabwe and Namibia.
  • APT staff are highly experienced and dedicated.
  • The APT programme is unique and designed specifically to enable candidates to develop their professional competence in a manner which replicates 'real life'.
  • In the APT programme, every candidate is important. We provide personal consultations, a variety of other support opportunities and are sympathetic to personal circumstances.
  • Query facilities are available on an ongoing basis.
  • Lecturers' phone numbers and email addresses are made available to candidates.
  • Presenters are available for consultation. Skype consultation is available for candidates outside of major centres.
  • Our Learner Support System includes a Chat Room monitored by the presenters and we comment on candidates' issues raised in the Chat Room.