Completed an APC Programme but never wrote the SAICA APC in 2018


Please note that the Refresher Programme is open only to Candidates in possession of a valid Professional Programme Completion Certificate dated 2017 or 2018. A candidate whose Professional Programme Completion Certificate is dated 2016 or earlier is required to complete the full programme as a “First Timer” as certificates dated 2016 or earlier will have expired by 2019.

Successful completion of an APC Programme entitles you to write the SAICA APC in the year that you passed the Programme and in the two subsequent years in the event that you do not write or fail the APC.

Thus, having completed the Programme in 2018, you are entitled to write the APC in 2019 and/or 2020, provided that you have passed the ITC.

By November 2019 it will be more than a year since you last applied your mind to preparation for the APC. Unless you complete a Refresher Programme you will face the following risks:

• You are no longer well prepared for the APC
• You are vulnerable to new developments in 2018
• You have not been exposed to updates to our teaching methodology

For you to manage these risks, we believe that it is absolutely necessary for you to complete a Refresher Programme in preparation for the APC

Formal Assessments

We require you to write the two formal assessments together with the first time students and we will grade your submissions for these assessments.

Notwithstanding the fact that failing these assessments will not prevent you from writing the APC in November, we urge you to take these assessments seriously as the process of formally writing these assessments will significantly assist your development.

Programme Requirements

A valid Professional Programme Completion Certificate dated 2017 or 2018



Refresher candidates who register before the end of April will need to follow our First Timer Programme. Those who register after April will need to follow our Catchup Programme.

Cost (ex VAT)

Payable on receipt of invoice

Individual: R2 500
Payment Details


Programme Structure

If you pass the ITC in January 2019, you would commence work on 16 April 2018, the same time as our first time students.

Throughout the Programme you will have the option of attending our contact sessions where these are available in your area. You will also have access to the online videos of our Contact Sessions.

Should you fail the ITC in January, you should concentrate on your preparation for the June 2019 ITC during the period from March until you write the ITC Examination in June. You should then register for our Refresher Programme as a Catchup Candidate