Successful completion of an APC Programme entitles you to write the SAICA APC in the year that you passed the Programme and in the two subsequent years in the event that you do not write or fail the APC.

Thus, having completed the Programme in 2017, you are entitled to write the APC in 2018 and/or 2019, provided that you have passed the ITC.

By November 2018 it will be more than a year since you last applied your mind to preparation for the APC. Unless you complete a Refresher Programme you will face the following risks:

  • You are no longer well prepared for the APC
  • You will be vulnerable to new developments in 2018
  • You will not be exposed to any updates to our teaching methodology

For you to manage these risks, we believe that it is absolutely necessary for you to complete a Refresher Programme in preparation for the APC.

Formal Assessments

We require you to write the two formal assessments together with the first time students and we will grade your submissions for these assessments.

Notwithstanding the fact that failing these assessments will not prevent you from writing the APC in November, we urge you to take these assessments seriously as the process of formally writing these assessments will significantly assist your development.


If you pass the ITC in January 2018, you would commence work on 19 April 2018, the same time as our first time students.

Throughout the course you will have the option of attending our contact sessions where these are available in your area. You will also have access to the online videos of our Contact Sessions.

Failed ITC in Jan 2018?

Should you fail the ITC in January, you should concentrate on your preparation for the June 2018 ITC during the period from 24 March until you write the ITC Examination in June. You would then be entitled to register for our Catchup Programme.



Available in both Online and Blended Learning. See format section below.



Our Programme is cost effective


Programme Formats

The APT Programme - designed to suit your learning style and work circumstances

Learning Styles: We understand that individuals learn differently and have developed different learning styles Work demands: We know that every candidate will experience work pressures and will have to work overtime during busy periods

We accommodate individual learning styles and work demands by offering a fully online Case Study based programme, supported by fully integrated classes.

Face to face classes:

These create the opportunity for discussion and debate and also provide the opportunity to learn from personal interaction where individuals meet up with each other and with our facilitators.

Videos of classes:

Videos of all classes are available. Whilst videos cannot provide opportunities for interaction, they are invaluable when you cannot make a class. Candidates have also found our videos to be an excellent back-up to the face to face classes where issues require clarity.

The online nature of our programme, together with the classes, provides the flexibility that is so essential to accommodate individual learning styles and the demands of employers.

We are convinced that face to face classes provide by far the best opportunity to come to grips with the new ideas and competencies which you will encounter in our programme and we strongly encourage you to attend classes wherever possible.

Blended Learning Programme

Run on a national basis with contact session support in all major centres, the Blended Learning Programme makes use of specifically selected contact session based teaching methods, integrating them into online education.

Blended Learning Contact Sessions are available in the following centres:

  • Bloemfontein
  • Cape Town
  • Durban
  • East London
  • George (5 Workshops)
  • Johannesburg
  • Midrand
  • Pietermaritzburg
  • Polokwane (5 Workshops)
  • Port Elizabeth
  • Pretoria
  • Zimbabwe - Harare and Bulawayo
  • Namibia - Windhoek

Online Learning Programme

Our Online Programme allows candidates greater flexibility to studying in their own time, completing work and submitting assignments within a scheduled time frame.

Online Learning Programme students can access our online facilities from any place at any time and will have the opportunity to work in groups

  • We offer five workshops in smaller centres where candidate numbers do not justify the full series of eleven contact sessions. These are presently scheduled for George and Polokwane., but we would expand this to any area that has sufficient candidates.
  • Both course options incorporate a tracking system that enables students to monitor their own programme progress and competency development.
  • Students can partake in the course in their own time from just about anywhere.

Programme Material Available in English or Afrikaans

  • Vir Afrikaans sprekende studente is die kursusmateriaal ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar.
  • A candidate may request the material in either English or Afrikaans, but is entitled to only one copy.

Programme Pricing

Paying Full Settlement - Prices excluding VAT
(Payment due by 1 month after registration)

(1 candidate)

R2 360

No Instalment Option for the Refresher Programme

Fees payable by candidates outside of South Africa are charged at the full rate in order to cover additional distribution costs (i.e. It is not acceptable for such candidates to “discount” fees by the notional VAT amount). An additional distribution premium of R 1 150 is charged to candidates outside of the SADC region.

APT’s Banking Details:

Account Name: Accounting Professional Training
Bank: Standard Bank Rondebosch
Inter Bank Transfer Number: 025 009
Current Account Number: 071 464 824
SWIFT Code: SBZAZAJJ (Standard Bank does not use an IBAN Code.)

Please Reference your Payment as:
Name/Invoice Number
e.g. S.Sample/APT00028

If you have not received your invoice, but want to make your payment please reference your payment as follows:
Name Surname/Course Area
e.g. Sandra Sample/CT

How do I get an Invoice?

If your firm is responsible for payment we will send an invoice directly to the firm contact provided once all candidates from the firm have registered.

If you are paying for yourself you will be invoiced directly.

It is not necessary to contact our offices requesting invoices as they will be sent once registration has been processed.