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Repeat & Refresher Canidates:

You will have received a communication from SAICA on 8 March 2019 which indicates that there are impending changes to the APC regulations which will impact you if you wish to re-write the APC in 2019 (or any future year). The SAICA letter states;

“It is evident from the analysis done that candidates who are committed to and repeat the professional programme in full after they have failed the APC outperform those candidates who do not undertake any formal preparation for the APC. SAICA will therefore be recommending that the IPD Committee amend the APC regulations for the 2019 APC that the professional programme is in effect only valid for a one-year period. This means that all candidates who completed a professional programme in a prior year will be required to register for and undertake the full professional programme in any given year in order to be eligible to write the APC in that year. This decision will be taken on 18 March at the next IPD meeting.”

The purpose of this email is to outline the implications of this proposed decision on the offering of the APT Repeat Programme in 2019. The Repeat Programme is open only to Candidates in possession of a valid Professional Programme Completion Certificate and so the Repeat Programme would of necessity, fall away. APT remains fully committed to repeat candidates and will offer the full APT professional programme together with additional support for a discounted price of R10 000 plus VAT. This additional support will continue to include the script review and feedback plus mentoring facilities historically offered on the APT Repeat Programme.

APT will communicate directly with candidates who have already enrolled for the Repeat Programme. Wishing you every success in the 2019 APC.

The APT Team.